How player content works in The Sapling

The Sapling was built from the ground up with community interaction in mind. This interaction goes both ways: players can take stuff generated by or for the game, and use it in their own creations, or they can add their own creations to the game.

This article functions as an in-depth guide on how to do this, to be used as reference. It's a living document that will be updated continuously. If you find any things that are unclear or just incorrect, or have more ideas you want to share with other creators, drop me a line at .

Overview of the information on that page:

  1. Repurposing material from the game
    1. Music
    2. Exporting lifeforms and animations generated by the game
    3. Using gameplay statistics from the API
  2. Extending the game
    1. Scenarios
    2. Body parts
    3. How to create asset bundles

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